About us

About us

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We are a software house located in Poznań, although we work mostly remotely. As we started in 2013 we were just as small software house, yet since then we are expanding every year.

Flow2Code is a software house that creates web and mobile applications. The clients are entrepreneurs who need a website or a mobile application for their services. Our applications are enriched with various artificial intelligence mechanisms, such as: Machine Learning, Computer Linguistics, Natural Language Processing. We also develop Augmented Reality Applications, writing Smart Contracts and issuing Tokens on Blockchain, as well as writing games with FT and NFT economy on Blockchain. Our Core Team consists of about 30 programmers, we are located in Poznań, Poland, 250 km from Berlin.

Our team

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Michał Huszcza


Patryk Osiński


Paweł Gładysz

Mobile Developer

Adrian Sobiesierski

Backend Developer

Szymon Cybulski

Full-stack Developer

Bartosz Posert

Frontend Developer

Ania Goncharova

UX/UI designer

Tomasz Śmierzchała

Quality Assurance

Jakub Hotloś

Mobile Developer

Joanna Nele

HR Manager

Emanuel Okrój

Frontend Developer

Patryk Chwaja

Mobile Developer

How we work

As our name, flow2code, suggests, we are specialized in transforming real business process into software, with aims to improve them. The transformation is achieved with use of our default technology stack in which we have specialized professionals. Yet besides those technologies, we are agile and we can easily adapt to needs of specific project.

backend, PHP Laravel

frontend, Vue, Nuxt

mobile, React Native

machine learning, Python

Our standard technology stack consists of REST API made in Laravel, supplemented by Machine Learning in Python, if project requires it which provides data for either frontend in Vue.js or mobile application in React Native. Although it all depends on specific business needs as we can tailor our stack for specific project or client.