Timing One

Timing One is a time management system

Main features:

  • Creating workspaces for teams
  • Project budgets balancing
  • Deadline's tracking
  • Tracking task completion time


Contractomat is a system for translating legal contracts into computer programs saved in Blockchain.

The main functionalities for a lawyer are:

  • Development environment for creating legal contract templates.
  • Marketplace for selling legal contract templates.

Main functionalities for the lawyer's client:

  • Easy configuration of contract content.
  • Mechanisms checking the correctness of the contract.
  • Signature and record of the contract for Blockchain
  • Negotiating contract terms.
  • Tender settlement.
  • Automatic enforcement of contract terms by the Smart Contract Blockchain program.

Book Food

Timing One is a time management system

Main features:

  • Choosing a catering company and dishes for every day, for the whole month.
  • Accounting in the prepaid system.

Advantages for the consumer

  • Adequate nutrition.

Advantages for catering company

  • The ability to plan and optimize services.
  • Continuous large orders.